Staff Augmentation

Accomplish More

Whether you’re an established brand or an early stage startup, digital project development requires all-hands on deck.

And if you don’t have those hands in-house, Avian Solutions’ team of professional consultants is ready to supplement your staff, short or longterm.

Air Traffic Control Screen

Full-service Firepower

With our digital product development and aviation expertise, Avian Solutions works our magic where we’re most needed. Product strategy, user experience, digital design, engineering, project management, quality assurance — we’re there for you wherever and whenever help is required.

À La Carte Assistance

There are convincing reasons why companies choose staff augmentation over hiring in-house: you pay for what you need, who you need, and avoid the time and cost of recruiting.

Our experts come in when you call and accomplish everything they can for your company.

Crunch Time

Deadlines aren’t debatable. When you need to pick up the pace to make it across the finish line in time, Avian Solutions is there to assist — immediately. With our robust pool of professional talent, deep expertise, and wide geographic availability, we’re ready to act as your pressure release valve.

Planning Ahead

Staff augmentation can serve as an easy on-ramp for organisations advancing longer-term software, mobile, or web development projects. Having Avian Solutions consultants embedded in your company offers an accelerated path to success.

Flexibility To Fit In

Our worldwide staff is adept at blending in with your company culture. Whether you’re a New York based charter company, an Emirati airline, or a Hong Kongese startup, Avian Solutions will fit in seamlessly with your existing team and workflow.

Always At Your Service

You’re investing more than money — it’s also energy, intelligence, brand, and the expanding potential of your business.
Avian Solutions translates this investment into meaningful impact for you and your audience.

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