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We have created the first industry-wide trading platform which allows for trades between all parties. all transactions can be processed seamlessly on our platform or through your own connected websites and apps build by Avian Solutions. Whether trading between brokers and operators or an operator and FBO, JETOS is the tool to make it happen smoothly.

JETOS was designed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals to simplify the operational aspects of running a business.


Operators & Brokers

Real-Time Availability Pricing

Customers will be able to see a live inventory of rental aircraft, aircraft for sale along with FBO services and Catering menu.

By connecting JETOS to your website in this way, companies will have a wider reach than ever before. Our scheduling and performance algorithms allow JETOS to combine what is available for each aircraft and at each airport.

JetOS Select Aircraft
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JETOS provides an efficient way for all parties to connect and build partnerships. This allows for automatic tracking of commissions and flight activity.

Brokers will be able to advertise and sell aircraft for operators through JETOS pre-built infrastructure, creating a seamless and mutually beneficial partnership.


Stay connected with your customers, employees, and partners through JETOS. Fully connected to all white labels and apps, our messaging system makes it easy for all parties to stay in touch and communicate throughout trips and business deals. Book new deals and keep your current business organised in one convenient place.

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Other Features

Operators and brokers receive our white label and API technology FOR FREE for easy implementation into their existing website.



Account Overview

All customers have the ability to create their own profile and connect it with a business account.

Doing so allows you to easily add passengers, share secured documents with operators, and experience a smoother sales process. Get full overview of past and future flights and manage all your funds through the account.

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Encrypted Travel Documents‚Äč

Privacy and security are our #1 priority. Our technology is encrypted for enhanced protection, especially users’ personal and business documents.

Users can conveniently keep all documents secure within their password-protected accounts.

Real Time Flight Tracking

No more frustrated customers from a delay in service or cold meals delivered.

JETOS allows your customers to purchase services and goods, and have them delivered or waiting for you at the perfect time.

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Other Features

bring your operation into the future


We are offering our JETOS platform along with our white label free of charge to benefit everyone within the industry. We work with all operators and brokers using our products to learn from their use and to create new features to benefit their day-to-day operations.

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