New Safety Tool Puts FAA Docs and Data in Single Location


The FAA has introduced a new safety tool, the Dynamic Regulatory System, which gathers papers and data from more than a dozen government repositories. The DRS combines more than 65 document types—up to 2 million regulatory documents—into a single searchable application, including all of the material found in the Office of Aviation Safety’s Flight Standards Information System (FSIMS) and Regulatory Guidance System (RGL).

The DRS’s search engine supports both simple, direct searches and more complicated queries via the use of filters. All current papers, as well as pending versions and historical archives, are included in the system, along with the necessary revision history. To provide the most recent data, the DRS is updated every 24 hours (every night). As needed, additional document types may be introduced in the future.

Mobile users can use Chrome or Safari to access the DRS, which is geared for desktop users—Internet Explorer is not supported by the tool. The Flight Standards Service, Office of Aircraft Certification, Office of Information Technology, labour organizations, contractors, and industry partners collaborated to create the DRS.

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