Etihad and Emirates to Launch Digital IATA Travel Pass


Etihad and Emirates have joined the International Air Transport Association to launch the IATA Travel Pass for both carriers’ passengers. The new “digital passport” should make it easier for passengers to keep track of vital travel documents during their journey.

Etihad Airways and Emirates announced intentions to incorporate the IATA Travel Pass into their operations on January 19, 2021, to make it easier for travellers to maintain their travel paperwork in accordance with legislative requirements for COVID-19 testing or immunizations.

According to the airline’s statement, the “digital passport” would be available on flights from Abu Dhabi beginning in the first quarter of 2021. If the pilot program is successful, the pass will be available to travellers going to other destinations on the airline’s network.

“COVID-19 tests and immunizations will be critical in resuming international flights. “Etihad is the only airline requiring a pre-departure negative PCR test result for all passengers worldwide, and again upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, giving our guests the further confidence of safety when they travel with us,” said Mohammad Al Bulooki, Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Aviation Group.

In the meantime, Emirates intends to evaluate the new technology in April 2021 before implementing it fully. The airline will put the pass to the test on its routes from Dubai. According to an Emirates statement, customers flying from Dubai will be able to share their COVID-19 test status directly with the airline through the application before arriving at the airport, which would then auto-fill the details on the check-in system.

With the present global epidemic, there are additional protocols and travel requirements. “We collaborated with IATA on this innovative approach to simplify and digitally communicate the information required by countries and governments into our airline systems in a secure and efficient manner,” said Adel Al Redha, Emirates’ Chief Operating Officer.

The IATA Travel Pass, a mobile application, was created to help passengers navigate pandemic-related travel restrictions in various nations. In addition, the program was designed to assist in the secure sharing of test and immunization certifications with airlines and governments.

Passengers will be able to access all required information on travel and entrance procedures for all destinations served by both airlines in the IATA Travel Pass. The “digital pass” will also assist authorized labs and testing centres in securely delivering COVID-19 testing results and vaccination certificates to travellers.

The invention will also contain a register that will alert visitors to testing and vaccination centres near their departure location that meet the destination’s testing and immunization requirements.

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